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For all Camel lovers, the Al Marmoom Heritage festival will be heaven on earth:

Al Marmoom Heritage festival

Each year in April, thousands of visitors make their way to the Al Marmoom Heritage Village to experience the Emirati culture through music, cuisine and sport. 

The famous Camel Race forms the main part of the festival  of this festival. Here, on Dubai's biggest Camel Race track, the tension heats up once the gate opens and the camels start racing to the finish line, accompanied by their robotical jockeys. 

If you get here early, you even have the chance to pet the camels.

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 Camel Polo

If you want to intensify your camel experience in Dubai, we can offer a different take on the traditional polo – Camel polo! Whether its done as a teambuilding activity, or just as something a little unexpected and unique, camel polo is great fun to play, hilarious to watch and the camels love it!
It has been played in Rajastan, as a friendly competitive sport at festivals and weddings for generations. But unlike the ‘traditional’ sport, in camel polo, there are two players on each camel; a driver who is in charge of direction, and a player to hit the ball.
The rules are broadly the same as polo except a larger, inflatable ball is used. The group will be split into teams for an introductory training session, on how to handle the mallet, and also on how to ride the camels, before the competition really begins. It’s time for a knock out competition to determine the winning team.
The duration of the game will be between 1 to 3 hours depending on the number of players, the time of year and the time of day so we are fair to the Camels,and to the participants!

** This activity is for a minimum of 8 and a maximum of 60 guests.

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